Where do you go for engaging interactive resources?

Open the majority of VLE course and you’ll see buckets of Word Docs and PowerPoint presentations! Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Through the many years we’ve been working with VLEs we seen that scenario many times. It’s a shame because the textual content and ideas can he excellent, but not exactly engaging. Your learners want to be engaged, and by making your content that you already have interactive, you’ll be on to a winner!

Turn this…..

Which fruit is this?

Hint: Green, sour fruit….

Answer: Lime (yes, you would hide this!)

Into this…..

The above example has been embedded from h5p.org. it’s not our own content, but it does show you what is possible from a few images and a little bit of text.

Our advice is really review your content, spend time getting to grips with what you have and enhance it with some interaction for your learners. Learn how your organisations vle automates things like activity and course completion, give out badges to gamify your course or add video.

Have Laptop, will travel. Entertain me please!

You can pay a lot of money to companies who will create you some excellent resources (if you have the resources, do go for it!), But it’s not always necessary. If you have Moodle, H5P is an excellent resource to add some really good content for free. Interactive elements such as video with embedded multiple choice questions can create some great interactive resources.

Gamification for engagement

Gamification, yes it is good practice!

Gami-what? This is a process of using your content to teach, with added features that engage your audience and make them want to come back for more. Using league tables, badges for excellence or completion work wonders with motivation. A little competition is a good thing (to most!).

Search for plugins for Moodle or other VLEs that encourage your students. A great example is a Moodle plugin called Level Up. It will need to be installed by a Moodle admin, but will give you a block to add to a Moodle course page or dashboard where learners are encouraged to ‘Level up’ based on set criteria. This is very similar to techniques from Microsoft on their xbox platform where users can gain gamer points for kudos!

Badges are a brilliant way to engage learners. Badgr is a cracking site for you to create badges for learner engagement. You can set these up easily in a VLE like Canvas with help from an admin to award activity completion or maybe a module. Once created, you can automate the process quickly, which will show you at a glance how learners are doing on a course.

Award your learners to give them a sense of achievement.

How can we help?

Have an idea for engagement within your vle but not sure what is out there or how to go about adding to your vle? Give us a shout, we most definitely will be able to guide you to some awesomeness with your vle.

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