Experienced in what makes a great learner experience with an understanding of collaborative learning spaces and e-learning methodologies.

Advocate of technology, e-learning, computer based learning environments, whiteboards, marker pens, stuff to write on, blackboards, old fashioned paper. They all have a place, it’s how you use them. Don’t be blinded by technology, but let technology enhance learning. Using ICT in a classroom poorly is just as bad as hiding from it.

Create a blended learning experience which is ‘learner led’ and the world becomes a much more interesting place for students. Even as a facilitator, don’t be afraid to do just that, facilitate learning. So what if you’re being led at times, we all are, just make great learners, with skills that encourage lifelong learning.

Creating an engaging virtual learning environment doesn’t have to be a painful exercise. We can and have done the hard work, and can guide you with a solid implementation. We’ll sort out the policies and procedures that will give you a great base to work from year in and out.

We have expertise in the implementation of vles and services around engagement of learners.